Soaring Southern Utah

Soaring Southern Utah was created to highlight Utah’s geological phenomena. Millions of people come to Southern Utah each year to nourish their souls with the gorgeous landscape. They come to hike and explore the fiery red rocks, majestic formations, delicate arches and captivating views. For most it’s impossible to view all Southern Utah has to offer in just one trip. Many locals haven’t even experienced all the beautiful treasures this region has to offer. Our experience makes it possible for you to immerse yourself into all the stunning scenery and catch a glimpse of all the places you wish you’d had time to see, or view your favorite places from a new vantage point! This experience is ten and a half minutes long, it includes not only motion simulation but also dynamic wind and fragrance. You’ll feel as though you were actually on the most amazing helicopter tour of your life!



  • This virtual reality experience allows you to soar above the stunning scenery of Southern Utah

  • 360 view provides each rider with a surreal flight

  • Look up to see the majestic blue sky and straight down to see the beautiful landscape sweep your feet.

  • The cinematic music, specially composed for the flight tops off the experience




Breathtaking views.

“This was amazing! Grandpa and three kids rode it and loved it! The views were breathtaking and the kids were entertained the entire time! It had all of the sites we had seen today but now from a helicopter view! Totally awesome!”

— K.V.

For visitors and natives alike!

“This experience is not just for those visiting Utah. The footage is incredible. It includes scenery that reminded me why I choose to live in this amazingly beautiful State..”

— S.C.

Recommended for all ages.

“This was such a awesome virtual ride. The scenery is breathtaking. Our family loved it and we very highly reccomend it.”

— L.L.