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Happy Riders


Exhilaration, thrilling, and so realistic is the experience in flying in Daniel Thompson's flight simulator. Your self designed virtual flying machine is brilliant. Coming from a flying background of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, this experience in your simulator is nothing short of fantastic realism. You truly feel like you're flying in a real helicopter based on the synchronized moves and visual effects. Loved the experience and would pay to fly in your marvelous machine on a regular basis. I truly recommend this virtual flight experience to everyone young and old alike. Daniel, you've truly outdone yourself young man. God bless you my friend and wish you much success in your new virtual motion experience business. I see huge potential here my friend.

— Phillip Beazley

What an exhilarating experience! Truly amazing! We enjoyed "Soaring Over Southern Utah" and seeing the majestic views, as if we were actually "soaring"! The adventure is extremely realistic and thrilling! It's definitely enjoyable for all ages! I heard several conversations around me, raving about how incredible this is! Two young girls were giggling with each other and sharing their favorite part of the "trip"! While you are waiting in line, you are even entertained! It's fun watching the people, while they are reacting to their virtual flight! We are definitely going to go on it, again! In fact, I've already called my daughter and told her that we need to go back with her kids! If anyone wants to have a great experience and enjoy the sensation of flying over this beautiful part of the country, you'll want to try it!

— Kendra Hafen

LOVE! Such a unique cool perspective of the area. My kids were waving to people below like they really were in the helicopter. Pretty amazing! Plan to do it again!

— Kelly Shakespeare

I screamed, I laughed,  most fun I have had in years! Cant stop thinking about how much fun I had! (all the seniors I took with me LOVED it! We ALL said we would do it again & again!

— Tina Johnson


This was such a awesome virtual ride. The scenery is breathtaking. Our family loved it and we very highly reccomend it.

— lexie doss little

So Cool! I absolutely loved it!! Take your friends they will love it too.

— Kristine Barton

This was awesome, everyone should have this experience!!

— laretta crofts

I loved both rides! I loved the helicopter ride because it took me places I've always wanted to go but never have. I loved the spider one because it made me feel good that I can still do something like that and be brave!

— Gloria (87 yr old)