Montezuma’s Treasure Ride

This animated thrill ride was inspired by the infamous legend of the lost Aztec treasure. Buckle up for a wild mine-cart adventure as you search a cave for Montezuma’s treasure! Before you take off on the most thrilling treasure hunt of your life, you’ll start the journey in a local bar where a famous cowboy will give you a quick history lesson and catch you up to speed on this missing treasure and who Montezuma really is.

“A haunted lake, a lost treasure, endangered mollusks, eight thousand ghosts, and one smiling skeleton. Welcome to the wacky world of Southern Utah.” Range Magazine “Montezuma’s Revenge” by Richard Menzies



  • 360 animated virtual reality mine-cart adventure

  • Based off the infamous Montezuma’s lost treasure legend

  • Comparable to Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland




Super fun experience!

“Super fun experience! The ride was really cool! Feels like a real ride, the VR graphics were so well done!

— C.R.

Screamed & Laughed!

“I screamed, I laughed, Most fun I have had in years! Cant stop thinking about how much fun I had!”

— T.J.

Disneyland worthy

“This is legit! It should totally be at Disneyland!”

— F.W.